Empty coffers….

Fifty years ago many people worked, retired at 65 and died soon after! Bleak, but true.

Cash Savings Vehicle

It’s all about the money……

Cash has always been the most attractive asset class. The reasons are simple, the capital sum never decreases and the ‘growth’ or ‘income’ is known. The FCA estimates that 82% of UK consumers hold some form of savings account.

Quarterly Market Overview – January 2015

Looking back twelve months we expected returns to be lower than 2013, and volatility to continue. We also added a caveat that ‘unknown unknowns’ could impact on returns.

Investing, investing, investing and risk……

Investing seems like one of the easiest things to do……we read the papers, we see the case studies and everyone makes money…Combine this with saving money by cutting out the middle man (financial planner) it makes perfect sense that direct platforms are enjoying a halcyon period of growth.

Blown to Rouble

Question: "so who saw this coming?" Answer: "absolutely no one!" So an "unknown unknown" has been wreaking some havoc in markets over the last week in oil, the Russian rouble, energy stocks, energy service stocks and in the last few days the market as a whole.

99 Problems (but the rich ain’t one)

I'm happily back from a whistle stop tour of Sri Lanka and enjoying the fact that most peoimple in the UK are not living in tin shacks or rough on the streets (it really is an eye opener every te you see such living conditions).

Why are we scared of risk?

Every day we take risk; as a cyclist as soon as I get on the bike I take a risk. I can reduce that risk by introducing elements of safety (helmet, lights, reflective clothing etc) but the fact is that around 96 cyclists are killed each year. Even car drivers take risk and around 800 car drivers (or passengers) are killed each year. On their own these figures may seem high but as a percentage of all deaths in the UK these figures are relatively low (total deaths are around 490,000).

The setting or rising of the Sun….

If the Yen weakens then unless a fund uses a mechanism called hedging then any growth will be lost. In 2012, Abe swept into power with a super majority. This was significant because it enabled the lower house to push through reforms even if the upper house rejected them. It was also significant because Japan […]

Puff and Stuff

This week’s comment is a quick summation of the current push and pull forces acting upon markets and our two-penneth worth on what we are thinking.

V for Victory

It's hard to fully appreciate the speed at which things are changing today. A recent report on the life cycle of companies illustrated that in the 20th century the dominant players took 30 to 70 years to grow to peak size and profitability.

Quarterly Market Update – October 2014

Comparing the world to 2008 / 2009 we see a very different picture. Many analysts believe the world economy is on track for a continued modest recovery; however some economies are much stronger than others.

Shifting sands…..

For some time there have been calls for an overhaul of pensions due to their lack of flexibility. In the space of six months two radical changes have been proposed.

What the future might look like…..

In my last series of articles I suggested we need to radically re-think how we plan and view retirement for the next generation (those leaving university or school).

The cash and carry trade

Is it just me or does time really have different speeds? The summer seems to have passed in a flash whilst, Jan, Feb and March dragged endlessly?

The risky pensioner

In the final blog of three which started with the naked pensioner, now I want to consider the risky pensioner. Much of the focus has been on those saving for retirement and not on those who are ‘at’ retirement.

Desperate Dan

Most people dream of retiring at 55 or 60, their parents and grandparents did and they assume the same will be true for them. But there are challenges that the previous generation never faced (although they may be facing some of them in retirement), and which the new generation now face.

The naked pensioner

There is a strong argument that politicians are out of touch with the people they are trying to represent. Most politicians have money, and few have experienced the realities of day to day life and the challenges less fortunate individuals face.

That’s more like it

I am home alone this week as the girls are on holiday with mum; Ellie dog is here moulting like crazy and with the epic amount of hair loss it's not clear why she's not completely bald but hey ho, tidy and clean remains the dream!

If it was easy, everyone could do it!

We are experiencing poor markets at the moment and it helps to remember that ‘now’ has happened many times before and a lot worse. No one likes seeing markets fall; the up, up and away days of 2012/13 were great fun and checking portfolio values to find them higher each time was great for the mood.

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