Is a Portfolio better?

The standard advice is: 1. That a prudent investor should hold a diversified basket of assets which react differently in different economic environments (uncorrelated) 2. That this strategy provides for less volatility and smoother growth

What investors need to know? Berkshire Hathaway

As with most things the prerequisite to getting the right answers is to first ask the right questions. Before a portfolio can be constructed or a specific investment made, foundation questions must be addressed.

What has been will be forever….

History is littered with periods of exceptional performance. These often follow periods of market decline. The best time to invest is during the periods of decline because when the market corrects those investors will gain the greater benefit.

What is a PEG ratio?

Investors use ratios to identify potential investment opportunities. The most common is the P/E ratio, ‘price to earnings’. This is printed in the financial press daily as part of each individual shares information along with dividend yield and high/low prices in the last 12 months.

Pension Changes – A Few Questions

The recent Budget outlined in principle, an historic shift in how people can take their pension fund at retirement. Before we look at the implications and (beyond the headlines) it's interesting to review the recent history of pensions in retirement.

The case for BP

Malcolm Gladwell in his book "Blink" explains the role of intuition in human decision making. Humans have the ability to process information almost instantaneously and gain a read on a situation that’s often extremely accurate.

Are annuities dead?

According to most financial papers, the answer is yes……This means that companies like Just Retirement and Partnership Assurance are finished because this is the majority of their business. But perhaps the journalists and markets are overreacting.

Things to consider

Charles Stanley Direct Proposition Review

The Charles Stanley basic package is good value, care needs to be taken where investors are considering adding a pension or even making regular investments into shares or investment trusts.

Financial tools

Interactive Investor Proposition Review

At some points the proposition is cheaper and certainly for investors with larger sums to invest (£100,000 plus) it offers better value. What you don’t get with Interactive Investor are the bells and whistles you receive from Hargreaves Lansdown.

Imagine there’s no ……

The practice of investment however seems to me a much nobler and more thoughtful endeavour. It embraces economics, law, accountancy, politics, psychology and emotional intelligence so to do it well is to master much.

Hargreaves Lansdown New Proposition Review

Over the last 18 months we have wondered whether many Hargreaves clients would feel slightly duped when it became clear that they had in fact been charged or whether they actually wouldn’t care.

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