BREXIT – it’s all going to be fine…

As the good news continues to flow, the pro-BREXIT campaigners seem more vitriolic with each passing day (especially in dailies such as the Express, Mail and Telegraph). Perhaps they have the right to be. In this blog I want to explore BREXIT and look behind the headlines.

A step into the unknown

The debate around whether the UK should remain or leave the EU was fascinating. On one side you had arguments around the economics, on the other you had a focus on things like immigration, bureaucracy and taking back control of our borders.

Savers left devastated….

An article on the BBC Website had the headline “Savers 'devastated' in August as rates fall below 0.5%” (31 August 2016). It explained that following the cut in interest rates the average cash savings plan was offering between 0.49% for an Easy Access Account and 1.69% for a Five-Year Fixed Bond. The implication was that this was a shock for many.

Interview with Matthew Shepherd Singer/Songwriter

In this interview we talk to Matthew Shepherd, a singer/songwriter based in Essex. He has released two EPs (Sunny on the Southbank and The Sea) and his debut album was released in 2015. His album entered the top 100 of the iTunes Singer/Songwriter Chart and he has toured the UK and Europe. Currently unsigned, he manages his music career alongside working as a barrister’s clerk by day.

What happens now?

This will (I promise) be the last of the BREXIT related articles for a time. The one area we haven't covered and which we've been asked about is, ok, so what happens now? With the proviso that what I'm going to write is going to be somewhere between a bit and a lot wrong in many regards, these are our thoughts.

Quarterly Market Update – July 2016

I have been thinking of how to describe the last few weeks and the quote from Vladimir Ulyanov to me best sums it up: “There are decades when nothing happens, and there are weeks when decades happen” The decision to leave the EU caught many by surprise, and we have seen events that would normally take months or years to play out occur in days!

And so it begins

There have been a number of significant events and announcements in the last ten days beyond the historic meltdown of the main political parties, and the resultant soap opera of betrayals and career assassinations that have dominated the news cycle.

Investing in troubled times

In some shape or form we all have money that is at the mercy of the stock markets whether it is our pension and/or savings. Choosing the “right” investment can be tricky and even when we think we have the right blend something happens that makes us question what we are doing.

Interview with Victoria Klewin, Singer/Songwriter

In this interview we talk to Victoria Klewin, a professional vocalist and songwriter based in Bristol. Gigging since she was 14 she is the lead vocalist and songwriter for ‘Victoria Klewin and the TrueTones’. Originally conceived as a cross between vocal jazz and blue-eyed soul, the Bristol 7-piece is all that and more, gracefully merging genres and styles to create music that is as unique as it is engaging and accessible.

Schroders Investment Conference June 2016

In this blog we highlight some key thoughts from the Schroders Investment Conference which took place on 7 June 2016. These are the opinions of Schroders and not an endorsement of what they said.

The Bain of Bremain

We wrote a month ago of the likelihood, it appeared then, of the UK voting to remain as part of the EU. Over the last few weeks however, the mood has shifted to favouring an exit and one issue in particular appears to have been central to this.

BlackRock Investment Conference May 2016

In this blog we highlight some key thoughts from the BlackRock Investment Conference which took place on 25 May 2016. These are the opinions of BlackRock and this is not an endorsement of what they have said.

Our view on Brexit

The current bookmaking odds on a UK exit vote suggest only a slim chance of a Yes. There is still time of course for something like a terrorist outrage to shift sentiment but barring that, the consensus appears to be hardening towards the "better the devil you know" view.

Saving tax legitimately

When “Cameron Gate” hit the headlines journalists were excited because they thought they had something that would topple the government. We saw Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson the Prime Minister of Iceland resign, would the same happen to David Cameron?

Success = money = happiness

In an age where “success” is plastered across every tabloid, magazine or on-line gossip column it seems very easy for us to lose sight of what success is. We could argue that it is a fairly new phenomenon but if we go back to the 1980s without 24-hour access to people’s lives we could be forgiven for thinking that working in the city and driving a flash car meant success. And as we go back through time there are perhaps numerous examples we could turn to.

Interview with Circe’s Diner

In this interview we talk to Circe’s Diner, a Bristolian four-piece band that weave wondrous tales of love, loss, friendship and tigers against a backdrop of Americana, Roots and Folk music. In January they released their debut EP and embarked on a UK tour. 2015 saw them appear at the after show party for the Great British Bake Off. We caught up with Rosina Buck (RB) and Bronte Shande (BS) to talk about the thorny subject of money and music and how they have approached this.

Open letter to Cameron, Corbyn and Farron

We are living in a society where there is an increasing disconnect between those that have, and those that don’t. This is not a criticism but reality. Decisions around housing, pensions and financial education are taken by those who have the luxury of salaries above the national average, guaranteed gold plated pensions and very little knowledge of “normal” life.

Straight outta Trumpton

Is it me or are the worlds of finance and politics increasingly imitating a mixture of children's cartoons?

Interview with Suresh Mistry, Director at Alquity

In our latest blog/interview we talk to Suresh Mistry, a Director at Alquity, about their approach to investing in Asia, Frontier and African Markets, whether there is room in the market for another investment management operation and if the only people who really benefit from outside investment are the corporates and not the people on the ground.

Quarterly Market Update – April 2016

The first six weeks of 2016 saw panic engulf the markets; this was a classic time to test investors’ nerves. There appeared to be a myriad of factors driving this but everyone was scrabbling for some finite explanation. It became the mantra to opine on the fears of a global recession. When markets are tumbling it is very hard to see through the fog of panic; the reality though was that the indicators which would point to a recession were simply not there.

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