Quarterly Market Update April 2014

“The posturing with Russia over the Ukraine could have an impact across global markets”

At the start of January investors could have been mistaken for thinking that 2014 was going to be a bumper year. The markets responded strongly until midway through the month when this tailed off and eventually delivered flat returns. February was stronger but March was challenging with concerns on the impact of the Russian annexation of Crimea.

We indicated in our last review that tapering and Abenomics will be significant factors on the global markets; we still believe this to be the case but the crisis in Crimea has the potential to derail the positive effects.

Some of the strongest markets in 2013 have struggled this year including Japan and the US. However, European markets continue to post strong returns.

Asia and Emerging Markets remain an area of disappointment with poor valuations and weak returns.

All of this reflects greater volatility for investors and we suspect lower returns than 2013. Managers are still positive that there are good stories across the globe and Europe is one area that is being heavily promoted.

In this review we will aim to unpick some of these themes.

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