The One-Page Financial Plan

We were recently asked to review ‘The One-Page Financial Plan’ by Carl Richards.

Our review is shown below. We will be carrying out an interview with the author in the coming weeks and will be posting this on our site. To read more about Carl go to our Q&A with him – Carl Richards Q&A – or read our interview

If you are interested in the book click on this link

Review of ‘The One-Page Financial Plan’ by Carl Richards

I was recently asked by my daughter what was the difference between a single and an album. My explanation was that an album is like a book, and the singles are the individual chapters.

With a book individual chapters may grip the reader but it is how those chapters weave with the rest of the book that determines its success or failure, and so that is true of a good album.

I have read many of Carl’s blogs (effectively the singles) but never a book. However good the blogs are you often come away wanting more, and that is the desire to hear the whole album. Reading and reviewing his book ‘The One-Page Financial Plan’ was a game changer for me personally.

When picking up ‘financial books’ the writer often appears detached from the reader, trying to give an impression that by reading their book will make you an instant success.

This book does the opposite.

Carl writes from experience. The book is something we should all consider owning. It talks about how we should approach money, how to identify our different goals and how we put together a plan to achieve those goals.

Only when we know what we want, and what our plans are can we decide how to invest and where. Sounds simple but how many of us have made mistakes? Carl is very open about the mistakes he has made, and this shapes the book because you realise that even those who you might view as ‘the best’, actually are as vulnerable as everyone else.

The book is well written with simple language, drawing not only on Carl’s experience but also using case studies. The introduction was a real challenge for me and I felt slightly scared that what faced me was going to be overwhelming, but being challenged on my values suddenly opened up the rest of the book and at the end of it I felt empowered to sit down with my wife and draw up a financial plan. We know there are things we can’t afford now but we know what we value and that is important.

Like a good album every chapter works together but there are certain chapters I can see myself going back to, to challenge my thinking, and these are the singles.

In summary, in a world of increasing uncertainty it is easy to get financially side tracked. The reality is that we all should have a good financial plan. This book take us on that journey, it is well written, easy to understand and more importantly the reader can empathise with the writer and that to me is one of biggest attractions of the book. A great investment for anyone who wants to truly start to take control of their finances.


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