George’s Case Studies

Fund Analysis

George provides a series of case studies exploring the concept of financial plans and goals.

Guide to Investing

Once we are in control of our budget we can start to get to grips with the basics of investing. In this we paper we will look at:

1. Risk
2. Asset classes
3. Diversification
4. Investing
5. Timing the market
6. Pound cost averaging
7. Investment fees

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Guide to Financial Planning

Financial advice is often misunderstood. With the availability of information online and the ability to do things cheaper many question whether there is still a place for financial advice.

This paper looks at what individuals need to consider if they are going to do it themselves, why they might consider financial advice and the potential costs.

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Guide to budgeting

It sounds obvious but unless there is a sound budget in place we will have no control over our finances and it can hinder our ability to save.

In this paper I want to consider:

1. What is a budget
2. How to create budget
3. Identify routes to overspending
4. How to achieve budgeting success

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The Beautiful Game

Whether a lover or hater of football it strikes me that there are many similarities to financial planning. The manager of the team will start the season with a goal (or vision); it could be a top five finish, or to avoid relegation. It is unlikely that the manager will share what his goal is with the fans and perhaps even the players (hopefully they share it with the owners of the club).

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Middle aged, teenage children, almost mortgage free

Like many forty somethings, Tom and Emma Anderson have been married for a number of years; they have two children, one who is on her final year at university and the other who is due to start an apprenticeship in September.

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Building savings, no investment strategy

Tom and Emma Anderson have recently put together their financial plan and identified their goals.

Although Tom has a pension fund of £50,000 it is invested in a managed fund which he has no interest in, when it comes to saving neither Tom nor Emma really know where to invest.

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Young family

Like many thirtysomethings, John and Jane Doe have been married a few years; they have two children (aged 3 and 5) and up to now both John and Jane have work full time.

They have no debts on loans or credit cards; they have a house worth £200,000 with a mortgage of £150,000. The current repayments on the mortgage are £800 per month.

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Young professional, living at home

Like many twentysomethings, John Doe is living at home dreaming that one day he will able to afford his first home. He has set a time period of two years to buy his first flat.

The trainee IT programmer has no debts, but is fairly reckless with his monthly pay of £1,344 (after tax) leaving him with little or no money at the end of the month.

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