Premier Income Fund

It’s not just about finding smaller companies but also looking at well-known brands.

When reviewing the UK market there are many good UK managers and the income fund space is clearly awash with good managers. We have met a couple of times the manager of the Premier Income Fund. In this update we want to capture the essence of what the manager is doing and why investors seeking income might consider this fund.

It is worth covering performance; over a 5 year plus the fund starts to outperform the index we have set (which is a fairly high barrier) but over a shorter period it is marginal. Where this fund differs is the yield (income) which has averaged 4.3%, this combined with the performance could make this an attractive option for investors.

The other area which is interesting is that the manager seeks returns across the market. It is not purely focused on FTSE 100 stocks. Only 36% comes from the FTSE 100. Mid Cap is 30% and balance comes from small cap.

In this update we will (hopefully) bring to life his style of management with examples of the types of stocks he likes.

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